Dr. Dildra Martin-Ogburn

Map Your Way to Your Goals

Dr. Dildra Martin-Ogburn is an inspirational speaker, goal mapping strategist, life coach, and an author. She is a proven professional with a passion for helping ambitious women and entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

Through her executive speaking, writing, and hands-on consultancy, individuals are able to develop a solid plan to make achieving their dreams possible. She also works with women’s organizations to help transform the lives of their members.

Unique Inspirational Style

Dr. Dildra’s style is distinctive that it will make you stop, take notice, and reflect on your specific situation. She also has a talent for conveying to seminar attendees how reconditioning their minds and developing an action plan for their lives deliver tangible results.

Energetic Speaking to Empower Women

She believes in speaking in a no-nonsense and direct style. She is not afraid to discuss tough subjects. Her advice sticks through highly effective use of memorable analogies. She adapts to the needs of her audience through preparation and by being extremely quick-witted and responsive. By using effective, memorable analogies, her advice sticks to her listeners.

Some of the most popular topics she has discussed include:

  • Success by Design
  • 7 Traits of Highly Effective Women
  • Discovering Your Internal Power
  • Soaring Without Limits

Motivational Writer

As a prolific and inspiring writer, her articles range from highly instructive ‘how-to’ style information, perfect for women wanting to roll their sleeves up, to more conceptual notes for the transitional woman. Her first book titled Living an Inspired Life; Words to Uplift Your Mind, Body and Soul is an inspirational guide to help women overcome obstacles by discovering their internal power.

Dildra’s Event Offerings